Title : Why Pangolin Does Not Invest In Palm Oil

  Date : 25th February 2019

Dear Investors,

I received the following two days ago. The problem isn’t the palm oil trees but what is cleared for their planting. And the thing is that it’s such a lucrative crop, corrupt politicians steal land for it. And it is a double profit, because first they can clear-fell and sell the timber before either planting it themselves or selling it on to a palm oil company. Even worse, Malaysian companies are now exporting these practices to other tropical countries with even worse governance (Liberia & PNG spring to mind).

Environmental pressure is beginning to have an effect but it needs to be sustained. Investors can do their bit by shunning the industry (and of course timber firms) too. And complaining when their brokers send them reports on palm oil and timber companies is also useful.

While the future of the endangered pangolin is most critical, the forests are also shared by native people whose rights are summarily ignored.


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